Hands-On: The Hublot Big Bang MP-11 Red Magic

I’ve said that the MP-11 Red Magic looks the way it does because that’s how Hublot wanted it to look. This, of course, is obvious on one level, but it’s also true that not every design attempt succeeds in reaching its goals. Making a watch like this is quite a lot riskier than making, say, something like a flat time-only dress watch in a precious metal, or making a diver’s watch (both genres for which there is a well-established design vocabulary). Very often, the sort of watchmaking that the MP-11 Red Magic represents does not quite live up to its ambitions, but in this instance, I think the combination of unsuspected depth and richness to be found in the case material, in combination with the technical aspects of the watch, make for a timepiece which I think stands a pretty good chance of continuing to be appealing – and fun, which after all is the point of the whole exercise – long after the novelty has worn off. 

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