Introducing: The Krayon Anywhere Universal Sunrise-Sunset Complication

The caliber C030 in the Anywhere watch does not have a user-adjustable input, but neither does it have the daunting complexity of the movement in the Everywhere watch, which gives autonomy to the owner at the cost of considerable anxiety about whether all those little highly precisely made bits and pieces are going to perform as planned. Instead, the movement has been made flatter and more, dare I say, elegant in appearance (it reminds me, in terms of finish, of Ball Railroad Hamilton pocket watch movements), with the mechanism for adjusting the location of sunrise at sunset at 6:00 on the dial side and the balance ticking away at about two o’clock. At 6:00 on the movement side, you can see the adjustment mechanism for setting the location, with two screws for re-setting the location of the sunrise/sunset indications. While this is not, obviously, as appealing to the owner who wishes to be the master of his own destiny, it is probably more practically appealing to an owner who has less than total faith in his capacities as an owner and who does not mind relying, as watch clients through time immemorial have done, on a watchmaker.

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