Introducing: The Yema Superman 63

Like the Superman model from the last few years, this watch comes in two sizes: 39mm and 41mm, and it comes on a tropic strap or a bracelet. One of the most often critiqued elements of a watch is its size, and Yema has preemptively quelled any complaints by producing the watch in a range of sizes that will fit most wrists and tastes. Some folks, like myself, tend to prefer watches closer to the mid-century size, and for that, the 39mm version is an option. But for the general modern taste, there’s a 41mm version. Producing a watch that only varies three millimeters isn’t a widespread practice in the industry. Producing a midsize model and standard size model is, sure, but that’s usually 36mm and 41mm. Yema’s small enough to pull something like this off, and the company is thoughtful and aware of the enthusiast demographic it caters to.   

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