Just Because: The Signs Of the Zodiac And The Watches That Go With Them

Astrology has made a major comeback over the past couple of years. With the rise of astrology-based apps like Costar and meme-accounts on Instagram (@notallgeminis), people have been leaning into their signs. We also have mapped out everyone’s birthday in the HODINKEE office and found that not only do we have three sets of duplicate birthdays and two sets of shared half-birthdays (i.e. exactly six months apart, i.e. cosmic opposites), we also have a lot of Scorpios, a lot of Tauruses, and a wild amount of Capricorns in the office. But I digress.  

What does it mean exactly for those of you who don’t know if you’re a Cancer moon, Libra rising? Well, each dedicated sign in the Zodiac has certain personality traits, and they all revolve around the date, time, place, and year that you were born. For example, I was born on May 21, 19-wouldn’t you like to know, in Zurich at 7:58 AM (the time and place are very important!). This means my sun is in Taurus (my identity), my moon in Libra (my emotions), and rising Cancer (how I present myself to people). However, sometimes, May 21 falls into the Gemini dates but I am not a Gemini. This is why having your natal chart read is important, because timing is everything (no pun intended). 

As you can tell, it’s all very complicated, but for the sake of this exercise, we are just going to use the sun signs of the Zodiac and pair them up with the watch that best suits them. Please note, I am NOT a trained astrologer, this is just for kicks. So the question is, what watch are you?

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